Our Mission

To provide exceptional pet care, with compassion, sensitivity and understanding.


Brandon Park Veterinary Hospital has been providing Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill and surrounding suburbs with quality veterinary services since 1970.

We have a compassionate team of six veterinary surgeons and twelve veterinary nurses  who are deeply dedicated to the health and well-being of your pet. We have a wealth of experience with most of our team having worked together for over 10-15 years, along with newer members who bring their own special talents to our team. It certainly is an amazing team to be a part of.

We recognize that pets are an important part of the family and that choosing a vet is like deciding on a family doctor. It is our commitment to provide the highest standards in pet health care for the life of your pet in a caring, friendly and professional manner..

We can help with routine preventative care in the young and healthy pets; early detection and treatments of diseases as your pet ages; general medicine and surgery as well as more advanced surgical,  medical and diagnostic services if he or she ever needs us. 

Veterinarians and Vet Nurses are pet advocates, we are here to guide and educate pet owners on the special needs of their pets. Our difference is that we do so with an understanding of each pet owners unique circumstances and concerns..

Together, our common aim should be to ensure that your pet remains as happy and as healthy as possible, so you can enjoy more quality time together.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about our Veterinary practice and services we offer.

We love what we do and promise to treat your pet as we would our own.


 Stage 4 restrictions are now in place for metropolitan Melbourne

Veterinary clinics remain an essential service and are permitted to continue providing services during this lockdown period.

We have stricter STAGE 4 guidelines to follow in order to maintain a safe environment for our team and clients, but continue to work hard to ensure we can continue to provide complete veterinary care.

We would like to say thank you for your ongoing support, understanding and patience, as we realize that because of all the extra measures, waiting times will can be longer than normal. You can however be rest assured that your pet will always receive the same high level of care regardless of the circumstances.

Please also note we are all trying to do our best to help achieve the best outcome for so many pets, and are always striving to provide the best service in a professional, efficient and caring manner. We understand that this may be a stressful period and time of hardships for some of our clients and members of the community, please know we are still here to help. We also really appreciate all the positive feed back and kind words which means so much to all of us. Whilst it is a tiny percentage compared to all the positives of our job it must be said that Rude, aggressive or demanding behaviour towards any of our team will not be tolerated!


Key Points relevant to veterinary care

  • Face coverings are now mandatory for all Victorian residents that are 12 years of age and over.
  • A curfew is now in place in metropolitan Melbourne and will be in operation from 8pm-5am, with people only allowed to leave their home for four reasons – shopping for necessary goods (which includes animal needs), exercise, care and health care and work.  ‘Taking your pet to the vet’ is listed under ‘health and care.’ 
  • Metropolitan Melbourne residents should avoid travelling further than 5kms from their home.  For veterinary care or collection of supplies from a veterinary clinic, clients MAY travel further than 5kms
  • In Metropolitan Melbourne, only one person per household should be obtaining services or products with the exception of accompanying dependants (children or at- risk persons). 


  • If you pet needs Veterinary attention please phone us for advice and we can make a plan
  • Please make sure you are wearing a face mask
  • As per government guidelines we request only one owner per pet (with the exception of dependants)
  • If you need proof of your pet’s appointment, we can send a text message confirming the details.
  • If your pet needs Veterinary care and you are unwell, or have been asked to self-quarantine and are not permitted to leave your home, you must let us know when you call – we will find a way to make other arrangements to provide care for your pet.



In line with the new lock down measures and social distancing recommendations we are currently limited to carp park services only.

  • On arrival please call to let us know you are here, and remain IN or NEAR your car.
  • A Vet or Vet Nurse will come out to your car to collect your pet and obtain some information about how best we can help.
  • Your pet will be taken inside for examination and treatment, and returned to you on completion of the appointment.
  • To, pick relevant paper work, pick up medication and finalizing payment please make your way to the reception desk outside the front door.
  • Contactless payment is preferred
  • Please note we have to keep a record of all visitors to the hospital as part of the governments contact tracing guidelines. We are obliged to record the name and phone number of all persons accompanying their pet to the Hosptial.

CALL AND COLLECT  Medications and Vet supplies

  • To Order: Please phone ahead or send us an email to order any required prescription medicine repeats, food, worming or flea control in advance so we can have them ready for collection without the need to wait.
  • Confirmation: We will SMS / Email or call you back when your request is ready for collection
  • Payment can be made over the phone.
  • Collection: When you arrive for collection please park in the click and collect parking spot (which is also the disabled parking spot) closest to the front door, call and let us know, pop the boot and we will bring it out to you

 In the event of the worst-case scenario of a COVID positive case or close contact we may be forced to close for a period of time, as governed by the DHHS.

We are trying to put some plans in place to

  • so that we may be able to provide limited services
  • or at least arrange for our local neighbouring clinics or emergency centres to offer some assistance.


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