Brandon Park is able to offer exemplary facilities for a vast range of surgical procedures ranging from routine neutering procedures to more advanced cancer and orthopaedic surgery.

Our surgical theatre is fully equipped with the latest in anaesthetic monitoring and surgical instruments, ensuring great professional care of your pet during their surgical procedure.

Surgical Procedures

All sterile surgical procedures are carried out within our purpose built theatre. Patients are firstly anaesthetised and prepared for surgery in a separate preparation area. Surgical sites are clipped and disinfected with a skin preparation suitable for reducing skin contaminants, and patients are then transferred to theatre for surgery.

We have a surgical grade autoclave to steam sterilise all surgical instruments and materials. This reduces the risk of contamination, infections and subsequent complications after surgery.

We carry out a full range of surgical procedures, for example:

  • Neutering
  • Tumour removals
  • Cruciate repair (knee surgery)
  • Fracture repair and other orthopaedic procedures
  • Internal operations such as gastrointestinal surgery

Keeping your pet warm

Maintaining normal body temperature is very important to a smooth and uneventful recovery and reduce complications. We take extra precautions to ensure your pets body temperature remains in a normal range.

  • Our surgical wards are heated
  • Heating pads are used on surgical tables
  • Warm air mattress is also used in theatre
  • Our oxygen supply is at room temperature and so reduces heat loss

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