Laser Pain Therapy

Laser therapy offers a

pain free,

drug free alternative

that is well tolerated

Laser therapy is fast emerging as a new and exciting treatment that can help with pain, inflammation and speed healing.

Whilst lasers have been around for a long time it has only been with the development of more powerful and advanced class IV lasers and software and research on how to best use them that they have become more widely used.

Laser therapy has been used overseas for many years in both humans and animals, but is only new to Australia. Many sporting facilities now include laser therapy as an important treatment for athletes to speed up healing and recovery.

Proven & Safe

Laser therapy has been thoroughly researched with many studies and papers now published that prove the beneficial effects of therapy laser. Having solid evidence to back up the theory has been a big step forward to introducing laser therapy for pet treatments.

After assessing the benefits and some trial work ourselves we are confident and have seen first hand the beneficial effects that laser therapy has to offer, and are thrilled to be one of the first to offer such advanced healing technology.

Not all lasers are therapy lasers

There are many types of lasers ranging from class I (CD players, pen lights) all the way up to class IV or medical grade lasers such as those used as cutting lasers in surgery. The class IV therapy lasers are the most powerful yet and help provide adequate treatments in a practical time frame.

How it works

Laser therapy uses a process known as “photo-bio-modulation” to stimulate cellular metabolism, to reduce inflammation, and speed the natural healing process.

Class IV lasers use light at wavelengths that are in the electromagnetic spectrum (non visible), and able to safely penetrate muscle and tissue. At these wavelengths it has been shown that the laser light triggers a chemical and biological reaction within tissue. In a similar way to how the sun’s light energy can cause photosynthesis in plants laser light energy can stimulate amazing healing benefits in people and animals. The exciting thing is that research has been able to show exactly how the particular photons of light energy work at the cellular level, and how best to use this healing effect.

Laser therapy for pets can:

•  Reduce inflammation

•  Reduce pain

•  Speed up healing

•  Provide a drug free alternative

What conditions can be treated?

Effectively any condition where a pet is experiencing pain, inflammation or tissue damage can be treated with laser therapy at Brandon Park Vet Hospital. This includes:

• Many chronic painful conditions like osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and degenerative joint disease.

• Manage post-operative pain

• Speed up healing of skin conditions (infections/wounds/inflammation)

• Soft tissue injuries – tendon sprains/strains

So far we have had some wonderful results in some of our patients with long standing painful problems, as well as acute soft tissue injuries.

Some common responses from pet owners after their dog or cat undergoes laser pain therapy include:

• they seem happier

• they are moving better, playing with their toys a little more

• dogs able to manage walks better

• pets no longer need as many pain medications.

Laser therapy offers a

pain free,

drug free alternative

which has been very well tolerated by our patients so far.

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