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Whilst we continue to look for ways to improve, we do take great heart in all the positive feed-back that we receive. It is greatly appreciated.

  • If you have been pleased with the level of service and quality of care then we would love to hear about it,
  • On the other hand if there is anything you think we could do better, we would appreciate knowing this too.

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We would also like to share a few of our client comments.

Dear Friends at Brandon Park Veterinary Hospital.  I’d like you to post this as a testimonial. I’d like to thank you for your ongoing care of my beloved pets. Your work includes expert medical care, such as diagnosis and operations, but also advice concerning behaviour, diet and health maintenance. I can ring up at anytime with a question or make an urgent appointment. My pets (aka my kids) are always treated with the utmost care. It’s not all serious; there’s lots of fun too.


During the entire time I shared with your team members in your Veterinary Hospital it was obvious that a bright and sincere “I care attitude” was a very important part of your customer service and business culture, and in today’s busy and complicated world this reflection of positivity is both rare and inspirational


To our friends, the doctors and Nurses at Brandon Park Vet Hospital. For everything you’ve done, for being the special people that you are, thank you so very much. For all the wonderful care over many years we have appreciated it more than we can say.


To all the fantastic staff, who helped with Tiffany and her Care during her stay at the Brandon Park Time share resort. It was very much appreciated. Thank you and see you again soon.


Reception staff everywhere else could take a leaf out of your book.


The knowledgeable staff and the training offered here is helping us get the dog we wanted. Highly recommended and very good value for the quality and support.

Benjamin O’Connor via Google

Brandon Park vets provide excellent care for our 20 year old cat and 9 year old CKC Spaniel. I have full confidence in their ceterinary services, staff are always attentive and pleasant to deal with..

Jo Moreau via Google

Staff are amazing! All went above and beyond for my dog Mia. The messages sent each night she had to stay were so sweet and priceless. Even I don’t live locally anymore I will always travel here as I have never experienced such a caring group of vets and nurses. Thank you a million times over.

Emma Porter via Facebook

Amazing, caring and supporting staff. Clean and inviting interior. Highly recommended!

– Amy Whiteside via Facebook

Easily the best vet clinic I have ever been to. Such caring and passionate people. Could not recommend them enough.

– Adam Pirrie via Facebook

Giraffe didn’t move the whole time I was there, I think it might not be real, or very well tranquilized.

– Simon Driscoll via Google

They go above and beyond that extra care and compassion for my previous and present dog. 6 star services.

– Charmaine Lee via Facebook

Great Vets! I swear Yankee gets sick on purpose so he can go back and see the girls.

– Shane Bartle via Facebook

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