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Bad Teeth Can lead to Heart problems

Did you know that improving the condition of your pet's teeth could lead to a healthier heart? This is because there is plenty of evidence that dental disease is linked to heart disease. Here's how it works... Plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth lead to...

Peppina’s Heart story

Peppina is a 14 year old Staffi who is one of our regular visitors at the practice. On past exams we had detected that Peppina had a heart murmur which can be an early sign of heart disease, and so we had been keeping a close monitoring of her.. A heart murmur can be...

Heat Stress

The warmer weather is here and it's time for days at the beach and ice cream in the sun. With the warmer weather comes an increased risk of heat stress for your pets. Heat stress or heat exhaustion is a common condition seen in Australia. It is more common in dogs as...

Christmas Hamper Give-Away

Purchase $20 of Hills Pet Food for your chance to Win a Christmas Hamper To enter the draw place your receipt in the provided box 1 receipt equals 1 entry. Open to all purchases exceeding the value of $20. Purchaser to provide a contact details on receipt entry to be...

Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis – what is it? Allergic dermatitis refers to inflammation of the skin which is often triggered by environmental allergens. An allergen is a substance which may cause an allergic reaction such as pollen and dust mites. As a result of this...

20% Discount off all Hills Pet Food for the Month of November

Just to let everyone know that there is one more week of our November Food Special. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting us, and feeding your pet the best in pet nutrition.   You get 20% discount when you purchase Cat food to the value of $50 or more Dog...

Vet Nurse Day – Friday 13th October

Friday 13th October is Vet Nurse Day ​The role of Veterinary Nurses are as important as Veterinarians themselves and at Brandon Park Vet we have a wonderful team of nurses who are vital to all the services we offer. They work alongside the vets every day to help heal,...

Therapeutic diets – helping our pets

Nutrition has become a much bigger part of Veterinary medicine than previous, with therapeutic diets being able to treat and manage many problems and diseases.

Kids and dogs – Keeping everyone safe

  When it comes to kids and dogs, supervision alone may not always be the best way to prevent a dog bite. Recognizing the signs that your dog may be displaying, indicating they are not comfortable and worried about a certain situation could...

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