Every now and again a treatment comes along which is a real game changer, and seems too good to be true. However with the use of the latest treatment in managing chronic joint and arthritis pain we have seen such wonderful results that we have been blown away.

Seeing Is Believing – To see how Solensia could help your cat watch the video links below which clearly show how much some cats struggle with arthritis and the clear improvements after treatment.

Before Treatment – Video

After Treatment – Video

Solensia for cats is innovative new therapy called a Monoclonal Antibody (MoAb), which helps alleviate arthritis pain. It is a Biotherapy that works by neutralising a protein called NGF (Nerve Growth Factor).

When a joint is damaged NGF is released triggering a cascade of changes including

  • Sensitization of nerves making the joint more painful
  • Increasing inflammation within and around the joint that leads to more damage
  • Progression of degeneration and osteoarthritis.

The end result is more pain, and increased joint damage as time goes on.

Solensia is a Monoclonal Antibody which blocks the action of NGF, which has many benefits

  • Reduced nerve sensitivity
  • Reduce inflammation,
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Slowing down the progression of further joint damage


We have been blown away with the positive results and feed back from many of our clients and are thrilled to see so many pets happier and enjoying the things they used to again.

What we have seen so far

  • Reduced pain on examination
  • Improved mobility
  • Increased activity




What our clients have told us

They have been playing with their toys more”

“They are keen to go up the stairs”

” They can spring up onto their cat post and bench again”

” They started climbing over the fence again”

“They are not sleeping as much, and wondering outside more”

“They seem so much happier”

“They are not as grumpy”