A Spey procedure involves a full ovariohysterectomy. It is an internal abdominal surgery and therefore needs time to heal. Our surgical experience and up to date anaesthetic protocols do result in a very quick recovery however, many pets do not understand that they need to rest, which is why we will need your help to ensure a smooth uneventful recovery at home.



Whilst your pet has been with us, we have taken several extra steps to ensure a quick and safe recovery, and minimize any undue pain or stress.

Prior to surgery all our patients would have received a combination of an opioid pain reliever, a sedative, and an additional calming medication. This allows them to settle and relax in readiness for their procedure

They were then placed on an IV drip prior to induction of general anaesthesia, which helped to keep them well hydrated and maintained an ideal blood pressure throughout surgery. Our anaesthetic protocol generally results in a quick recovery, with most pets being awake within 20-30min of surgery completion. This means that patients are up and ready to go home a lot sooner.

Upon recovery in our heated wards, they have been given an additional intravenous pain reliever, which will last overnight.

Given that they have missed their breakfast this morning we have given them a small meal of cooked chicken.


It is not unusual for some pets to be a little quiet tonight when they return home.


  • You may notice a shaved area on their leg, or their may be a small band aid on their leg, this will need to be removed later tonight (if present)
  • They can have a light meal for dinner
  • Provide a quiet space for them to rest



  • Most pets will be back to normal by the morning


Pain Relief:

  • Please start the additional pain relief provided as dircted. generally with cats this will start in 2 days time.
  • Watch for any tummy upsets (vomiting or diarrhoea), and stop the medication if this occurs.



  • Feeding can return to normal from tomorrow morning



  • Please keep them as quiet as possible until the sutures are removed.
  • It may be necessary to restrict your pet to a smaller room if they are overly active around the house.
  • We want to avoid an running and jumping for the first week at least after surgery.



  • Please monitor their wound daily, a small amount of swelling and redness is expected but should reduce within 3-4 days after surgery.
  • Please make sure that they cannot lick their wound.
  • If not already provided an Elizabethan collar is recommended to stop them from licking their wounds. This will reduce the risk of wound trauma, or infection.
  • If you are concerned about the wound please get in touch.



  • There are several layers of stitches used to close the abdominal wound. The internal ones will dissolve over several weeks
  • Skin Stitches will need to be taken out in 10-14 days
  • Please arrange a time with one of our nurses to have the stitches removed.


Things to keep in mind

A Spey is a routine procedure, and whilst complications are rare, we do need to make you aware of possible issues that may arise in the days after general anaesthesia and surgery, particularly if there were any underlying inner health concerns that we were unaware of.

Mild Concerns

  • Wound swelling or increasing redness
  • Skin irritation at the IV site
  • Slight cough relating to the breathing tube used during anaesthesia

Rare concerns

  • Lethargy
  • Quieter than normal
  • Sleeping more
  • Not eating or vomiting



If you have any concerns, please call us immediately

Should we not be here please contact the

Animal Emergency Centre Mount Waverley

on 9803 8122