Nasal foreign bodies are generally things that can be snorted or sniffed into the nasal passage, or worse, into the lungs

Some of the object that we have removed from the nasal passages of pets include

  • Blades of grass
  • Grass seeds
  • Chip Bark
  • Treats
  • Corn Kernel
 The image above shows a corn kernel lodged within the nasal passage of a little Cavalier
Symptoms include
  • Constant sneezing or snorting
  • Nasal discharge
  • Gagging or coughing
Generally these symptoms will start suddenly. In a few cases however they may stop or reduce to very mild signs that may be ignored.
Once a nasal foreign body is suspected, diagnosis requires the use of a nasal scope (camera) that allow us to take a closer look inside the nasal passage. We have two types of scopes that help us visualize and examine the nasal passage, throat and airways.
A rigid scope enables visualization of the front of the nasal passage via the nose.
A flexible scope can allow us to look at the back of the nasal passage and palate via the mouth, as well as allowing examination of the larger airways (trachea and bronchi)
Removal of a nasal foreign body is performed with the aid of small grasping instruments that can be passed through the scope. There can often be a lot of inflammation, swelling and often an infection which will also need to be managed.
The images below shows one of our flexible scopes along with a rigid scope and grasping forceps.