Your Bunny has upcoming surgery scheduled, so there are a few things we would like you to know.

Bunnies, have special anaesthetic requirements, and we therefore take additional precautions, both before and after surgery, to ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

One of the main differences is that we do not fast rabbits before surgery. It is therefore very important that your bunny continues eating at home prior to admission, which will help maintain healthy gut activity, and avoid the development of gut stasis. We also like to know that they have been passing normal faecal pellets to show that their gut health is normal, so please check their enclosure, or litter tray before their surgery day.

Feeding recommendations:

  • Continue to feed your bunny as normal the night before, and even the morning of surgery
  • On the day of surgery bring along a few of your bunnies favourite food/vegetables, so that we can encourage them to eat soon after recovery from anaesthesia.

We will do as much as we can to keep your bunny comfortable, which helps improve their appetite on recovery. We use pain relief, both before and after surgery. In some cases we may even look at a special critical care food should they not be eating as well as we would like, which can be syringe fed, and something that can be done at home too.

Bring along a Friend:

Bunnies can also become a little stressed being away from home, and they do enjoy the company of a friend. Your bunny is therefore welcome to bring along a support bunny on the day, which can certainly help their recovery.


Please let us know prior to surgery if:

  • Your Bunny seem unwell,
  • They are off their food or nor eating
  • We may need to postpone the procedure if the are not eating normally..

If you do have any further questions please fee free to get in touch with one of our nursing team.